Lets Think & Be Happy, Be Content...

(Another area of my love is poetry. Truly love it, especially when it inspired...motivating...enchanting)


Dear,yet more dear, dearest diary of mine....

"If those who seek happiness would only stop one little minute and think,
they would see that the delight they really experience are as countless as the grasses at their feet or the dewdrops sparkling upon the morning flowers."

the chirpings of birds in early dusk,
the rustling of leaves in the wind,
the soft glistering rays of the sun,
the sound of the feet touching the green grassy earth,
are only a few of a countless numbers of small magics happen around us.


a peace colorful country,
a big happy family,
a truly freindly life,
and a heart that still beating hard,
are but a little of a many greatest magics that have been granted upon us...

Farithal 1997