(Actually since 1994, the time I began studying at IIUM, I've been keeping journal books of my life)


                           Life story is hard to be written.
                           Every second one has is a part of his
                           story. Imagine that a second is a page
                           story, hence, a year one has  to write a
                           total of 31,104,000 pages.
                           Here is a reason to write a journal told by
                           a journaler :

                           "About 10 years ago I took up journal writing seriously. I
                           went to Berlin for overseas study and decided to keep a
                           diary of my experiences there. I have kept a journal ever
                           I don't look back at what I've written, because much of it's
                           painful or embarrassing or silly, but I'm glad I've written
                           about those times. In fact, a while back I noticed I had a
                           tendency not to write during times of great emotional pain
                           for me, and I got annoyed because those are the times I
                           need to write the most! Nowadays I make a special effort to
                           write during these times.
                           If you write during your black moods, you might never
                           want to reread what you've written. This is one of the
                           recognized problems with diaries--you begin to sound like
                           a broken record. Am I always complaining? you might ask
                           yourself. Am I always depressed?
                           Part of the reason to keep a journal is so that you get those
                           horrible, evil parts of yourself out of your system (where
                           they're just going to fester anyhow)...and you don't end up
                           burdening anyone else with them either. You can say it
                           and be done with it.
                           Works for me, at any rate"

                           If it works for her, there is no reason why
                           others should not try it.

                           I myself have commenced in writing my
                           own journal, frankly speaking, it is quite