Points in the ďAl Ghazaliís Alchemy of HappinessĒ

(I love this small book written by a famous Islamic figure, Imam Al Ghazali. It is in essence a compression of his larger work entitled Ihya Ulum ud Din)


The Knowledge of Self


-         The reality of the heart

-         Manís highest faculty

-         The mirror of the heart

-         The power of the soul

-         The perception of truth

-         The steed and its rider


The Knowledge of God


-         Godís attributes reflected

-         A king in miniature

-         Perception faculties

-         From the world to the creator

-         Spiritual guides

-         Except ye strive


The Knowledge of this world as it really is


-         The three necessities

-         The deceitful world

-         Indulgence & Retribution

-         Knowledge and God deeds


The Knowledge of the next world as it really is


-         Individuality of the soul

-         Future existence of the soul

-         Torment after death

-         Love to God

-         Some spiritual hell

-         From animal to angel

-         Benefit of the doubt


Concerning Music and dancing as aids to the religious life


-         Traditions about music

-         Music and religion

-         Symbolism and poetry

-         Sufi states of ecstasy

-         Mystic dances

-         Conforming to practice


Concerning self-examination and recollection of God


-         Treasure charts of life

-         Recollection of God

-         Story of Caliph Omar

-         The recollection of the saints

-         Questions at the resurrection

-         The load of menís sin

-         Preparation for the after-life


Marriage as a help hindrance to the religious life


-         Advantage of marriage

-         Drawbacks of marriage

-         The quality of women

-         Marriage feast

-         The treatment to wives

-         A wifeís maintenance

-         The rights of husbands


The Love of God


-         The spiritual beauty

-         Manís only benefactor

-         Affinity between God and man

-         The delight of vision

-         Loverís joy

-         Highest work of all

-         Story of the scavenger

-         Tests of sincerity

-         Who are thy lover