On Chocolate And Politic

A factual simile

(On Malaysian Political Scenario at the time - FARITHAL B SAHARI 2000)

Do you like chocolate?

Me? I love it.

Love its chocolaty taste. Sweet, melting on my tongue.

Its exquisite smell, its elegant cover [ Cadbury ], even its dark-brown color.


Nope. Just the way it is. A humanoid thing.

Politics in Malaysia just like chocolate.

The right mixture of ingredient makes it just as sweet and as delightful.

From the romantic drama of court abuses to the most shocking poisoning case, it's all there, complete.

No wonder, Malaysians of all walk of life attracted to it likes squirming ants.

So, to say that students should never ever involve in politics is same as to deny them their share of the chocolate.


As the taste is too good, indescribable; it could lead to addiction.

People are very much interested and excited with the nation's political drama.

Thus, they demand more and more of it.

Henceafter, it becomes an addiction.

Due to this, new talented writers sprout out; ambitious students got up sharpening their creativity and skills; variety assortments of souvenirs, caps, flags, tags, posters created; a great number of books, magazines and newspapers published.

Great God! It likes a gift form heaven, opportunities to make money in time of recession (for some).


Eating too much chocolate will eventually bring about health problems.

Do you ever heard about two creatures named 'brain-damage' and 'fat-tish' {medically incorrect terms]?

Man, they are chocolate-transmitted disease.

As with chocolate, consuming an extravagant amount of political news and issues can eventually lead to confusion and paranoid.

Confused between the truth and the lies: paranoid as mistrust build up.

Every issues, be it economy, such as bank managers and KLCI index, or social, like poverty and donations are then seen through merely one eye - a 'political eye'!

Can then one claims that he's an open-minded person in such a condition?


However, a few individuals are allergic to chocolate.

It is just not a kind of food they prefer. Hence, they do not eat it, they avoid it.

Indeed, such also the case with politic.

A few, should I say, 'clean' souls do not like it.

They are disgusted with it.

Or merely indifferent towards it.

'Politics is dirty, always is and always will be' is the view they hold.

Politics is thus seen of not worthy for their consideration.

Like in olden days of Khawarijis, good people, bad people were of no different -booth are the bad guys!


So, which group you belong to, the lovers or the haters ?

Me ?

I like chocolate.

It is a fact.

A humanoid fact.