(my third book venture...my reaction towards Bush apparent determination to put Muslims under the control of 'kuffar' powers)


 ã FARITHAL B SAHARI 12 10 2002




My ramblings on the war America declares against Islam & Muslims.

My angers. My anguish.


Ponder, Reflect, & Act.


for Islam





A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.

I have been tired of thinking.


The world only needs crazy people. Those who love to declare wars – and make it, peacefully, with nuclear and everything.


And put things to the end.






A cliché’ used by lovers.

A saying means to be from the heart.


Love makes people sick, makes people hope, makes people think, makes people happy, makes the day gloomy.


Those were all matters of the heart.

Reflecting that all human problems, their roots were the heart. The self.


A pure, good heart; A good self; A good world.

A black, bad heart; A bad self; A bad world.


Greed is what contaminated human heart nowadays.

Due to greed, one kills, one envies, one accumulates, one accuses, one wars, one’s arrogant.



Greedy indeed.


I love greed.

Love you.



This is mine. That is yours. So stay on yours.


It matters not whether you win or lose.

What matters is whether I win or lose.


It matters not whether I have an agenda or not.

It is my secret, not yours to know.


Lets just go to war and make sure I win.





Cheer up; the worst is yet to come.


So, lets go to the movie.

So, lets enjoy the day.

So, lets walk window-shopping.

So, what’s new on the TV?


Blinded from the sufferings of others.

Care, yet can’t do anything.





Immersed in the candy world.

Entertaining with that which is worldly.


Candy world.  



Enjoying it...

Pretty much.





Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.


Yoo-hoo...Wake up!

Every living creature would die, surely.


There are many ways death comes;

but there is only one death.


So, choose yours.

Would you have the courage to die as a terrorist?


Only one death; many choices.


“Your Life is the only opportunity your life can give you.

If you ignore it, you waste it. You will only turn to dust”







Tidak ada yang sepatutnya ditakuti kecuali Allah.




Akan patah hatikah kita dalam perjuangan bila berjumpa jalan berliku?

Akan putus asakah kita di dalam usaha bila berjumpa jalan yang mendaki?

Akan balikkah hati kita bila kita jumpai jurang yang dalam yang mesti kita turuni?

Demi ALLAH, tidak!!!




Inilah aku, bukan tuhan, bukan syaitan.

Inderaku, inderaku, bukan leburan penjelmaan.

Sayapku dapat mencakar bintang bintang di langit,

mungkin patah, gugur kotor di kaki bukit.

Aku hidup, aku mencuba.

Tuhanku cipta sekali aku tiba, sekali aku terlontar, aku abdi Tuhanku.

Aku datang, aku mengerang.

Aku pulang kerana Nya dan untuk Nya.




Bersegeralah.. dan bersegeralah.

Yang tinggal beberapa nafas sahaja. Bila nafas nafas itu berhenti, maka terputuslah kamu dari segala amalan yang dapat mendorong kamu untuk mendekatkan diri kepada Allah.




Menguasai dunia di tangan dan akhirat di hati.








wahai jiwa


untuk yang haq