my thoughts on the world written at the eve of the new millennium (1/1/00) - seems still relevant today

Farithal Sahari 2000



by Ijal @


Please handle, pet, fondle, caress, open, read, and wonder


“Universities have to grow to be centers for the cultivation of the creative and adventurous minds. While pursuing specific interests, our minds must never be …. ‘barbarized’ by specialization. We must remain alive to ideas from other disciplines and the general philosophis temper of the time”


(Anwar Ibrahim)




Gosh! 26 years alive! I feel terribly excited – really fortunate to still be able to see the sun and the blue sky. Throughout this existence, I’ve read such a many books, watched such a many movies, drank such a many colas, slept such a many hours, and followed such a many events…



Knowledge is power! Yet, knowledge does not come cheap. States spend billions for education; teachers put tiredless efforts to educate. And, students become debtors in order to be educated. Do not mistake information as knowledge. It does not reside in the books you are reading, nor in the Pcs you are using. It is embodied in you; it is taught and learned by you, used and misused by you.



Crystal sure, knowledge is power. Presently, two kinds of knowledge viewed as supremely essential are TECHNOLOGY KNOW-WHO and TECHNOLOGY KNOW-HOW. The former is to ensure you can land on a job and the latter to ensure, once you have gotten the job, you will not be kicked out of the job for being too dumb.



Every person has his own dreams: to have a good job, a good mate, a good house, a good life. Unfortunately, all that demands hard work plus smart head. Thus, it is wise to begin each day renewed with optimism:

Fiet sedulo                              :            I’ll do my best

Palmas non sine pulueri            :            No sweet without sweat

Dum spiro spero                :            While there is life, there is hope

Though, at the end one may find that those days were their

Dies atri                                  :            Unlucky day

Be persistant, as

I forgot already                       :             Life has its ups and downs


Moving away from individual’s life, I see that we live in a ‘permissive society’ that strangely has minority they call ‘fundamentalists’. In this society’s eyes, fundamentalists preach that only their path is the sure way to salvation. In fundamentalists’ world, there are no uncertainties. Those not following their prescription deserve to be punished. Logically, the ‘non fundamentalist’ society advocates the opposite position, liberalism. Due to this, hedonistic culture is allowable, interest-based economics is natural, and genocide is tolerable.



An illustration of the ‘openness’ of the society is seen in case of ‘erotica’ versus ‘pornography’. The latter is viewed as bad whereas the former labeled as ‘good’. One is the use of the freedom of expression while another its abuse. One is defined as art whereas another as crime. The fact is both are the different ways of looking at a similar thing. Hence, in a permissive society ‘nudity’ can be legal as well as illegal.



This society, its religion is materialism and its god is money. It is a materialistic society because in its citizens’ view:


Cloth is more valuable than the man who wears it

Food is more valuable than the man who eats it

House is more valuable than the man who dwells in it

Work is more valuable than the man who does it.


For them the (divine) God is dead! In the vacuum, money is the supreme deity, affirming what Karl Marx once said, “this alien essence (money) dominates him (man) and he worships it”.

Isn’t it beautiful that the world society today is professing one, similar religion?


“When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion” – Voltaire



Capitalism and democracy are the bulwarks of this ‘religion’. The collapse of communism has made capitalism and democracy triumph, and stronger than ever. They face no challenge whatsoever; hence post-communism era is called the ‘end of history’. Now, capitalism and democracy are the kings. They believe that they are the one who can chart the world, control and destroy. They are the Ya’juj and Ma’juj. They are preparing the road of Dajjal’s ascension.

Welcome to the ‘end of history’.






The Great Satan/Dajjal (borrowing Ayattulah Khomenei’s word) announced:


“Only America can lead the world. America remains the only global, universal civilization in the history of mankind…without a vibrant American civilization, barbarism, violence, and dictatorship will increase across the planet”.





Little ants on my table. Little ants eat my bun. Little ants...little ants…I squeeze you…I kill you…I hate you…hate you…my bun-contaminators…


A massacre happens on my table.


…a genocide of the little ants

…not reported

…highly recommended


…Little ants are you angry?

…Little ants what can you do?

…Little ants where are your voices?

…Little ants…?